All About Cookies: Part 2

09 Mar

I’m going to continue telling you all that you never knew you needed to know about cookies.


* If you use a white sugar it make a crispier cookie.

* When you use brown sugar it absorbs moisture after baking so it makes the cookies stay chewier.

* If you lower the amount of sugar your cookies will stay puffier.

Eggs and Liquids:

* Eggs are binding agents so they hold all your ingredients together.

* Liquids can either help your cookies spread or puff.  If you add even one tablespoon of water it will make your cookies crispier and spread.

* If you have just egg yolks it will bind the cookie and will make it crispy.

* If you add Egg Whites only it will make the cookie cake like but it will also make it dry.  So to make up for that in most recipes more sugar is added.

And that is what you’ve always wanted to know about what makes cookies so good.  : )

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One response to “All About Cookies: Part 2

  1. tina

    March 31, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    I didn’t read your post with a fine-tooth-comb . . . . but if you just barely incorporate your dry ingredients at the end and don’t beat the cookies to death, it makes a puffier cookie also. That is my secret!


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