23 Mar

There are so many types of squash.  Some grow huge like my parent’s neighbors can attest to.  They had a couple that were at least 3 feet.  It was incredible.  Then we grew two types of squash last year: crookneck squash and sunburst squash (pictured above.)  The sunburst squash was very pretty and unique looking.  Not many people had seen ones like that before.  The problem with them though is that they had to be deseeded. The crookneck squash were interesting looking, but they were much easier to cook with.  Though with all the squashes you have to be careful when you pick them because they have tiny thorns that will give your arm a rash.

Squashes are high in vitamin C.  Many summer squashes (such as these) are high in betacarotene which helps lower the risks of certain types of cancer such as: larynx, esophagus and lung.

In recipes that call for a certain summer squash you can usually substitute any summer squash you have on hand.

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