It’s Submitted

14 Apr

Sorry for such a long break.  I was out of town and then came home sick.  : (  We are so excited because our application is officially in to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to get our Home Cottage License.  They are currently reviewing our recipes making sure everything is stable and sellable.  After the recipes are approved a representative from UDAF will come and inspect our home and go over processes on how we plan to sanitize and keep things sterile, etc.  Then we’ll have our license!  While that is going on we also need to work on getting our pesticide license so we can use our own vegetables and work on some business license stuff.  Yes, there’s still more to do, but it always feels good to do that checkmark when something got done.

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One response to “It’s Submitted

  1. tina

    April 15, 2011 at 11:43 am

    Have you noticed Utah is a lot more “fussy” when it comes to food. One big difference between there and here for me, was that In Utah, the schools wouldn’t let you bring in food unless it was wrapped . . . meaning it had to be purchased from the store. . . . no homemade stuff. I couldn’t believe the schools out here let you bring anything you want . . . homemade or not. Maybe with your cottage license you could make stuff to send to school?????


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