I’m Officially Safe to Handle Food!

I went and got my Food Handler’s License today.  It’s one of the requirements to get a Home Cottage.  I haven’t taken a test in a long time and I have to say I was a little nervous.  I know the rules, I mean I lived with my mom for a few months who is a Food Safety Nazi, so I just brushed up and got 100%.  Woo hoo! 

I talked to the Home Cottage Inspector today and he’ll be coming by Monday morning for the inspection.  I think I just got a little more nervous.  But it’s great that things are coming together. 

We only have 21 more days left!!!

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Our Recipes Are Approved!

I heard back from the Utah Agriculture lady yesterday and our recipes were approved.  Yay!  That’s a huge hurdle.  Next, she’ll come out and do a home inspection.  I think we’re ready.  I have the extra refrigerator, sanitizing equipment, and shelves ready for “business only.”  So if we could just get it to stop raining long enough and get some good sunshine so our fruits and veggies could grow then everything would be progressing perfectly!


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The Weather

Our cute little flowering strawberry plants.

The weather here in Utah has been very cold and very wet this Spring.  Which has made it impossible until recently to get a garden in.  My mom and I were in a bit of a panic, because our recipes rely on the vegetables that we’re growing in our gardens.  My dad got his garden in a week ago and we are getting ours in today.  And Lance and I are so excited because the strawberries Lance planted early in the season are starting to flower!  YAY!


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Logo Time

We are trying to come up with a good logo for our bakery and were hoping our talented, creative friends can help us.  Here’s a couple of ideas that we came up with:

We Bake So You Don’t Have To

A Fruit or Veggie in Every Treat

We’ve decided that “vegetable” is not an easy word to insert into a logo.  Do you have any suggestions for us?


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The Waiting Game

Over the passed few weeks I’ve been waiting to hear about the applications I submitted for our Home Cottage License. I sent another email this morning and have hopes that I’ll hear back soon. I haven’t just been sitting around though. I worked on two different recipes the first was a fruit filled cinnamon roll. I thought they turned out with great flavor. But I undercooked the middle of the pan a little. So the next time I make them I’m going to lower the temperature a little and cook them longer. The second was Oatmeal chocolate chip zucchini cookies. They turned out really well this time.


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It’s Submitted

Sorry for such a long break.  I was out of town and then came home sick.  : (  We are so excited because our application is officially in to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to get our Home Cottage License.  They are currently reviewing our recipes making sure everything is stable and sellable.  After the recipes are approved a representative from UDAF will come and inspect our home and go over processes on how we plan to sanitize and keep things sterile, etc.  Then we’ll have our license!  While that is going on we also need to work on getting our pesticide license so we can use our own vegetables and work on some business license stuff.  Yes, there’s still more to do, but it always feels good to do that checkmark when something got done.

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How Do I Know the Shelf Life?

We have 12 weeks, 6 days left.  I received the Home Cottage application yesterday and all of a sudden feel very overwhelmed.  We need an application for each recipe and they are asking for information I don’t really know.  Uh Oh!  For example, it’s asking me for the “shelf life” of our treats.  How do I calculate that?  That’s what I’m researching today. 

Also, today, I registered Little Sisters for the Bountiful Farmer’s Market.  So we need to pay our registration fee and we are good to go!  Yay!  One thing down, a million to go…  : )


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